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Introducing the "Which Pill" design - a thought-provoking homage to the iconic Matrix scene that has become a symbol of choice and self-realization. This unique piece is designed for those who question the world around them and aren't afraid to make bold choices.

The "Which Pill" design captures one of the most memorable moments from The Matrix, a hand holding out two pills: one red and one blue. It's a design made for the thinkers, the questioners, and those who dare to see the world in a different light.

Each "Which Pill" item is crafted from premium materials, ensuring superior comfort and long-lasting durability. Its design, a conversation starter in itself, has been carefully rendered to capture the essence of the iconic scene.

The standout feature of this design is the vivid depiction of the red and blue pills. This striking image serves as a constant reminder of the power of choice and the endless possibilities that come with self-realization.

By choosing the "Which Pill" design, you're not just making a fashion statement - you're embracing the power of choice, celebrating self-realization, and declaring your readiness to question and understand the world around you.
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